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Press Release

noshowspace London - 15 November to 14 December 2013

The Future of Smart Technology in your Hands seeks to address the status of image-as-object in our contemporary context. The current trend of our media environment is in the direction of digitisation, with its attendant ideology of dematerialization and augmented reality. Yet it is precisely in this over saturation of digital images that the grain, the seams, the mechanical means of production which underly digital images begin to show themselves. Aoun’s work revels in this paradoxical juncture where the materiality of the image reasserts itself. At a time when digital interfaces are an increasingly central component of architecture, Aoun plays with the tactility of the virtual, reassuring the viewer that unreality always leads us back to the body, and that new and exciting forms of abstraction are to be found in places where digital illusionism fails.

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