Works > Matter

Curated by Claire Undy and Sarah Williams

Caline Aoun
Claire Bayliss
Richard Clements
Dexter Dymoke
Kate Liston
Sarah McNulty
Mia Taylor

13 October - 6 November 2011

Matter brings together seven emerging artists whose work reflects a return to post-minimalist practice, where works display abstract qualities, have a strong material presenceand use their own materiality as subject. Bringing together painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and film, the works in the exhibition display a prevailing sense of playfulness and pleasure in their material make up. Pieces are resolved and carefully constructed, though never overstated or overly complicated in form.

Much of the work, although displaying an abstract quality, makes reference to the real world, through materials, their relation to the landscape or exhibition space. The works are almost accidentally abstract, rather than abstracted or adhering to a more traditional notion, questioning what it means to be a contemporary abstract artist and how this contextualises itself in 2011.

Blue Paperplane 1
Unique inkjet print on folded paper
146 x 105 cm